Shopping and Delivery Service for the Gaylord Area

This is a "Sloppy Copy." to get something up here and explain a bit of the shopping and delivery service. As time goes on this site will be updated regularly. 

When you have many things to-do and no time to do it, relax and kick back, contact your friend Joe!

Joe Delivers!
Whether you need


Save time and frustration shopping and let Joe take care of it.

Learn more about the shopping service here.


We all want that special beverage to drink but sometimes we just can't get out to get it. Let Joe deliver your favorite beverages

Restaurant Food

Man, just when you have that certain hunger but your favorite restaurant doesn't deliver. Joe Delivers


Can't get to the store in time to get your regular prescribed medications. No problem. Joe will pick and deliver your medicine for you.*


In the legal and business world hard copy documents and items need to be delivered right away. Call Joe.


Save time and gas, get your post office mail picked up and delivered to you at home or work on a regular basis ? Joe Delivers

Dry Cleaning

Have your dry cleaning brought to you when you're available.

Forgotten Items

You need that certain something from somewhere and you need it now. Joe can take care of it.

Hugs & Smiles

Because hugs are awesome and smiles are great!

Multiple Errands

Will Joe do multiple errands? Do you mean go grocery shopping, pick up your prescriptions, drop off your dry cleaning, deliver lunch and drop off your groceries and pizza to your home? Then yes, of course, it's about making your life easier. 

Get started fill out the form or call. 

Joe Delivers
Call 989-350-OMITTED